Tiny Treats

Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.43.11 PMRomance Anthology, edited by Trish Milburn (2014)

Mistletoe Magic, a contemporary romance micro-story by D.B. Sieders, combines an unconventional hero, a determined heroine, and D.B.’s love of all things science.

Stuck in the lab on Christmas Eve, Dr. Ellen Sanders has two options: mope and be miserable, or work up the nerve to (finally) approach the sexy and enigmatic Dr. Jace Morrow, resident workaholic and the most eccentric and elusive man on campus. With a reputation for eating graduate students for breakfast, fellows for lunch, and junior faculty for dinner, even the department chair gives him a wide berth.

Can the magic of Christmas bring Ellen and Jace together, or will the secret behind his aloof and enigmatic nature make her cut and run?


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Tiny Treats 2: A St. Patrick’s Day Collection


Romance Anthology edited by Trish Milburn (2015)

Ellen and Jace’s journey continues in Probability of Love. Three months after their Christmas encounter, Jace wonders how long Ellen will stick around. He’s not the easiest man 

to date, and he knows he’ll never be able to experience the world the way Ellen does and find joy in many of the things she takes for granted. Will his personality quirks and fundamental differences in neurobiology prove too much for his neurotypic girlfriend to handle? And can he find the courage to confront his fears and ask her?

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