Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop – 5 Great Ideas for Hot Summer Date Nights

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SummerLovinBlogHopAh, summer love. What could be sweeter on a sultry summer night? Whether sharing a romantic walk on the beach, picnicking in the park, or heading out to catch a movie at the drive-in (yes, those are coming back in style), warm weather plus longer days means love is in the air…and the water, and the grass, you get the idea.

Speaking of ideas, here are five more summertime date activities for you and your special guy. These outings won’t break the bank, but they’re sure to inspire some bow-chicka-bow-wow time. Why not use those hot summer nights to ‘step into’ your favorite romance novel/novella while turning your man into one of those dreamy heroes you just love to read about?

1. Go on a night hike – pick a nearby park and either join a hiking meetup, or just head on out with your special guy and hit the trails in the evening. Stars shine brighter away from those city lights, and there is something magical about gazing at the moon through a dark canopy of leaves. Plus, makeout sessions under the cover over darkness? Delicious!

I enjoyed incorporating a hot-and-steamy outdoor makeout session for my characters in Red Shoes for Lab Blues – naturally, this required some in depth research. Thanks, hubby!

2. Head out to the State or County Fair – Cotton candy, ferris wheels, and prizes waiting to be won by manly men willing to demonstrate their skill and might, this is old-fashioned fun at its finest. Bonus points for snuggling in the Tunnel of Love.

3. Hit an ice cream parlor – banana splits, as the name implies, are made for sharing. There is something so intimate and sexy about feeding one another and sharing food. Of course, if you’d like to get more, er, creative, get it to go so you and your guy can have fun finding new places to spread whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

4. Mini-golf – an oldie but goodie, this is a fun and inexpensive way for you and your man to indulge in a little friendly competition. And if you happen to need a little help setting up your stroke, just ask your guy to slide in behind you and work on those critical…positions.

5. Go rollerblading/biking/kayaking/*insert favorite outdoor sport activity here* – exercise and fresh air provide so many benefits, and healthy people have healthy love lives. Take advantage of summer weather by getting outdoors and getting active together. One of the best parts of getting hot and sweaty: sharing the shower!

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.41.33 PMWhat about you folks out in cyberspace? What are your favorite summer date night scenarios? Feel free to share them in the comments, or whatever happens to be on your mind, for a chance to win some great prizes!

The wonderful hosts of Love, Lust, and Lipstick Stains are offering a huge bundle of eBooks as a grand prize (Red Shoes for Lab Blues is in there), and I’m offering three lucky commenters a pair of super-cute red shoe charms.

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33 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Blog Hop – 5 Great Ideas for Hot Summer Date Nights

  1. Great post D.B. – My favorite is number 3 of course, as I am from an Ice cream parlor family! I grew up scooping – thank goodness I have retired, but still enjoy ice cream way too much. Good luck with the hop! xoCd


  2. All great ideas! 🙂 Mike and I have done most of these. Another one to add to the list would be a minor league baseball game (if you live near a minor league team). KosmicK


    1. Hi KosmicK!

      Thanks for stopping by! Minor League baseball is a great idea! I’ve enjoyed catching a few Nashville Sounds, games, so definitely adding to the list. I should have added bowling, too 🙂 Love to you and Mike!


  3. I don’t think hiking at night is a good idea. I trip enough in the light…not to mention mosquitoes. So I’m going for kayaking. While it’s best in spring after rains, Heavy summer rains can make it fun too. Last time I went, I went through an Olympic gated section (training river) and when that prove easy for me to do, cute guy challenged me to go through it backwards. Significantly harder, but I managed. Liza2write@yahoo. However, let me be clear. I’m kayaking IN Daylight. At night, I’ll go for a party boat with lights.


    1. Howdy Liza,

      Oh, perhaps I should have put the warning to bring along a flashlight and bug spray for that night hike, huh? Kayaking is so much fun, and I’ll bet the heavy summer rains add a bit more to the adventure. And I LOVE the idea of a party boat with lights. Adding the General Jackson or Music City Queen to my Nashvegas list. Not really cheap, but definitely fun!


  4. gasp! I LOVE these ideas! (taking notes, hehe) I know it sounds kinda nerdy, but Mr. Tera and I are hitting up the circus this week for a date night. I’m ridiculously excited, haha. So, circus. I’d add circus to the mix 🙂 great post!



    1. Hi Tera!

      Glad you like them. There is nothing at all nerdy about hitting a circus! Rides, exotic animals, cotton candy with a side of nostalgia – what’s not to love? Added to my list!


  5. Great suggestions, D.B., and this weekend will be a perfect one for a campout — the Perseids will be streaking across the sky in a gorgeous show. Just right for romance.:-)


  6. I just did number one yesterday well it was a walk about a historical site and park. We had so much fun , taking our time through this historical house and the land surrounding it. Our teen son was with us but still made it romantic. He normally doesn’t do this historical stuff so for him to do that for me was romantic.



  7. Love your ideas! I’ve shared most all of them at one time or another with hubby. The other thing I’d add is a sunset picnic. The sun sets very slooooowly in summer, making it a great romantic time outdoors. BTW, love the cute shoe charms. Just adorable!!


  8. I like cooler summer nights around a campfire and the beach and anywhere semi-quiet because places like the fair send me anxiety into overload. 🙂 Thank you!
    heather1974 at gmail dot com


  9. Romantic sunset dinner at an ocean view restaurant and a walk on the beach. Thanks for the great giveaway!


    1. Hi BookLady!

      Susnset dinner and a walk on the beach – I love it! I’ve got you in the drawing and will let everyone know around August 8 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  10. I have taken notes and look forward to planning some if these next time the hubby is home for a long weekend. I am always looking for great date ideas a d even better if (I know sounds crazy) we can take the kids along. Yeah I know I am kind of crazy but it goes by so fast and I just know one day I am going to wish we had done it differently


    1. Hi Krystal – you know, I took my first night hike with the kiddos and it was so much fun to watch them run around with flashlights, pretending to be fireflies. Too much fun! I wish you and your family more summertime fun 🙂


  11. Congratulations to Liza Connor, Dawna Newman, and BN100! You three won the red shoe charms – I sent email notifications to you, so be checking your Inbox so I can send them your way!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting, and to the LL&LS ladies for letting me be a part of this fabulous blog hop 🙂


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