Jinx McGee and her merry band of misfit demon hunters have a lot going on – catching rogue tempter demons and keeping the streets of Nashville free of demonic shenanigans.

catching hell by db sieders

Catching Hell (Book 1)

Never one to let life get her down, Jinx turns her unfortunate state of demonic possession into a lucrative career as a demon hunter. It takes a demon to find a demon, and Jinx’s demon is superior at finding the others…when inclined to cooperate. But a rebellion is brewing in hell and Jinx’s boss decides she’s a liability. Toss in her sexy demon ex who can’t be trusted, and things are getting way complicated. Can she and her rag-tag band of fellow demon hunters sort out the chaos on earth before it’s too late?

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hell bent by db sieders

Hell Bent: an urban fantasy romance (Jinx McGee Book 2)

Jinx McGee, formerly demon-possessed demon hunter, has a whole heap of trouble to go along with her nifty new powers. Master demons and Celestials have invaded earth, everyone is still reeling from the last battle, and her relationship is on the rocks. Throw unexpected new enemies and one furry new ally into the mix, and life just got a whole lot more interesting. And deadly.

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