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IMG_2284aDB Sieders was born and raised in East Tennessee and spent my childhood hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, wading barefoot in creeks, chasing salamanders, fish, and frogs. Her family loved to tell stories while sitting around the campfire.

Those days of frog chasing sparked her interest in biology. She is a working scientist by day, but she never lost her love of telling stories.

DB write contemporary fantasy, fantasy romance, and contemporary romance. Her stories feature unlikely heroes and heroines who face a healthy dose of angst as they strive for redemption and a happily ever after, which everyone deserves. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with a husband, two children, a rotating number of cats, and her very active imagination.

You can find her on Facebook, and Goodreads, Twitter, and Amazon.

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Southern Elemental Guardians eBook Bundle – Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

SEG - 3 box set 1 ebook

Southern Elemental Guardians Six Book Paranormal Romance Bundle
*** A deal of mythic proportions! ***

“A brilliantly clever series with a unique blend of Southern humor and mythology” from award-winning author D.B. Sieders. Southern Elemental Guardians has everything you love in a paranormal romance series: incredible world-building, a fresh and modern take on myth and legend, characters that leap off the page with humor and heart, and red hot, steamy romance!

Follow the Southern Elemental Guardians as they meet and fall in love with humans, half-breeds, demigods and more. Thrilling adventures set in fantastical worlds hidden in the nooks and crannies of our reality, our heroes and heroines face extraordinary circumstances to find out what they’re made of while finding true love along the way.

4 full-length novels + 2 novellas = HUGE savings from the individual book prices.

Making Waves (Prequel Novella)—A disgruntled Celtic sea god takes solace in Atlantic waves until babysitting duties get in the way.

MacLir is charged with ferrying a pair of troublesome Rhinemaidens to the Americas. But when the mermaids conspire to reunite him with his long lost love, they set off a storm fueled by old wounds and passionate desires. Will love calm the waves, or will all on board perish in a fearsome maelstrom?

Lorelei’s Lyric (Book 1)—If Lorelei sings, someone will die.

When her siren call nearly costs sexy, wounded rock star Vance Idol his life, Lorelei comes to his rescue—but not without risk. She could lose her heart, and quite possibly her immortality, during her Nashville holiday. Can their love survive his attitude, her fins, and an evil Pixie with a grudge against them both?

Winner of InD’Tale Magazine’s Recognition of Novel Excellence Award for Best Paranormal Novel, 2016.

Crosscurrents (Book 2)—No one believes Ilsa is a worthy of ruler, including Ilsa.

Frolicking with mortals is princess Ilsa’s M.O.—until she answers a distress call from an endangered species in the waters near Chattanooga. Sparks ignite when hunky scientist Paul Pulaski rescues her from a motorboat collision. But can they survive monster hunters, rival scientists, and a dark elemental force that could destroy them all?

Three Wishes (Novella)—A Sylph, a Merman, and an immortal Rock Star go to Vegas…

Mayhem ensue when the trio hit the tables, the strip, and get roped into a surprise performance at the Bellagio that gives Cirque Du Soleil a run for its money. When the Sylph gets them an audience with a Genie, will their wishes come true, or will demons past derail their happily ever afters?

Firestorm (Book 3)—He’s running from the past. She’s running from the future.

After a century in hiding, Serafina must fight against a conspiracy to resurrect the Phoenix brewing near Memphis. Uniting three of her kind could unleash a fiery apocalypse. Can she trust seductive, mercurial Sylph prince Bruce to help, or will her passion and fire doom them both and all they hold dear?

River Spell (Book 4)—She’s out for vengeance. He’s seeking justice.

Exiled and alone in Memphis, Rhinemaiden Gwen is still traumatized from her capture and torture by mortal monster hunters. Cop turned private investigator Kwame Johnson is sent to find her. More than a mere mortal, he has a special sense that helps him track down missing persons. Gwen can help him reach his full potential, but can she trust a man who was hired by the monster hunters to track her down?

Available from Amazon , Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google, Kobo

Book One in a New Urban Fantasy Series! Waking the Dead (Soul Broker Novel 1) – Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Suspense

Waking v3 DIGITAL CoverThe road to hell begins when the reaper darkens her door.

A chance encounter with a dying stranger opens an empathic connection between down-on-her-luck caregiver Vivian Bedford and the world of spirits. Lazarus Darkmore, a grim reaper in a charming and seductive package, seeks to recruit her as a soul broker. Guardian spirit Ezra and his new apprentice Zeke offer protection from the reaper—so long as she works on their side of afterlife management. But these guardians are no angels, and their methods leave Vivian fearing the price of their protection.

Her ability to channel conscious energy from the living, something no guardian or reaper can do, could be a game changer. If she can control it, she can use this power as leverage. And she needs a bargaining chip, especially when she discovers that incapacitated living mortals can supply energy for the spirit realm, making her disabled sister Mae a prime target for guardian and reaper alike. Can she move from pawn to major player in order to save Mae, and herself, from a horrific fate beyond the simple and fleeting terrors of death?

Available from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited – From City Owl Press!


Waking the Dead finalist in the Grace Notes Books 2011 Discovering the Undiscovered Competition in Book Length Fiction and in the 2012 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition in Novels and Narrative Non-fiction. It was also a finalist in the Georgia Romance Writers 2015 Maggie Award Contest, Romantic Elements Category, and placed second in the 2015 North Texas Romance Writers of America Great Expectations Contest, Mainstream with Romantic Elements Category.

Praise for Waking the Dead

Rating: 5 stars

Review text:

After surviving a fatal car crash, loans administrator and carer Vivian finds herself experiencing the fears and guilts of those around her, seeing things no-one else can see, and even getting yanked into a strange cold land. Then a spirit appears offering to guide her. But is Zeke what he seems? And how will all this interfere with looking after her paralysed sister Mae?

This well written modern paranormal throws you right into the action and keeps you hooked. Too many stories about a heroine trying to understand supernatural powers thrust on her reveal too much too soon, losing the reader’s interest. But this tale takes a more layered approach, keeping you guessing about the full extent of her powers and exactly what’s going on right until the climax.

It’s emotionally engaging too in other ways too. Vivian’s struggle to care for her sister is very well portrayed, both in terms of the mental drain and the sheer physical effort of feeding and washing someone who can’t control their limbs. I really felt for her situation. There’s also a bit of romance, though don’t expect a conventional ending. In the romance, just as with the other aspects of the story, the author works hard not to fall into the genre rut.

The book has obviously been well edited, so readers who are put off by typos or bad English can rest assured. Personally, I only spotted one oops, which is less than many big publishing house offerings have.

All in all, it’s a good read and I can heartily recommend it.

—Bruce Officer, Goodreads and Amazon ARC review

“In WAKING THE DEAD, there is an emotional, raw honesty in Vivian and her struggles to care for her sister, Mae. It’s so rare to find a heroine, one we root for, who is not a saint but is desperately trying to do the right thing and is not always perfect.”

— GoodReads Reviewer

River Spell (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 4) – Fantasy Romance

riverspell_seg4_comp_final125dpiShe’s out for vengeance. He’s seeking justice.

Exiled and alone in a strange land, Rhinemaiden Gwen is still traumatized from her capture and torture by mortal monster hunters. To exorcise her demons, she doles out vigilante justice on mortal criminals—until former cop turned private investigator, Kwame Johnson, stops her in her tracks.

Captivating and enigmatic, Kwame is more than another mere mortal, and he’s just beginning to understand the nature of the special sense that helps him track down missing persons. Gwen can help him reach his full potential, but can she trust a man who was hired by the monster hunters to track her down?

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google, Kobo

Praise for River Spell

In’DTale Magazine 4 1/2 Star Crown Heart Review

After constant conflicts with her sisters and a horrific kidnapping, Mermaid Gwen is keeping her distance from everyone she knows; family and friends wouldn’t agree with the brand of justice she imposes on mortals who would destroy her habitat. Soon, however, she is discovered by an element she has never before encountered.  Kwame Johnson has a sixth sense. Well, maybe more than six.  A former cop turned P.I. he gets results because his senses guide him to  the truth he seeks.  When Kwame is hired to track Gwen down, sparks fly and curses are wielded.  Together they form a bond to seek justice for all elements and undo wrongs meted out by mortals.  Can Kwame keep Gwen safe and fulfill his family’s destiny?  Can Gwen trust Kwame or is he just another mistake to add to her extensive list?

In this fourth installment of the “Southern Elemental Guardians”, yet another component of this intricate tale into the world of Mer is revealed.  Present day on the mighty Mississippi is the setting for this paranormal tale.  Prickly Gwen’s surly behavior is finally revealed and readers will appreciate the summation of her character.  Kwame is a new flavor of elemental and his mindfulness to his family will warm the hearts of readers, but could also wrinkle the brow of those not fond of his bond with his grandmother.  While this story is just one in a series, it is a standalone installment.  Readers following this series will not be disappointed in the HEA awaiting the next turn of the page!

—Jordyn Teel, InD’Tale Magazine Reviewer

Firestorm (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 3)Fantasy Romance


He’s running from the past. She’s running from the future.

Bruce, prince of the American Sylph and guardian of wind and air, loves mixing business with pleasure. An immortal with excessive appetites, he wields his considerable powers to satisfy them so he can forget his past transgressions. But when he discovers a rogue Phoenix on the loose, pleasure comes with the risk of catastrophe.

After nearly a century in hiding, Serafina is forced to fight against a conspiracy to resurrect the Phoenix. Uniting three of her kind could disrupt earth’s elemental balance, unleashing a fiery apocalypse. Can she trust the seductive, mercurial Sylph prince to help her, or will her untested passion and fire doom them both and all they hold dear?

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google, Kobo

Praise for Firestorm

D.B. Sieders has done it again! Though I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, Firestorm became my instant favorite. Bruce is everything I want my heroes to be: humorous, powerful, kind, but with enough dark shadows to keep my angst-addiction satisfied. He also has a bit of sexy androgyny happening, a la David Bowie, and that totally works for me. Sera is a fascinating heroine, simultaneously vulnerable and strong as Bruce helps her discover the depths of her power. Sieders excels at world-building, and the mythology alone is worth the read. (But hey, I’m really here for the sexy bits, and Firestorm does not disappoint!)

—Stephanie Moore, Amazon Customer

Crosscurrents (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 2) – Fantasy Romance

SEG2_Comp_FinalRGB_125dpi_ThumbNo one believes Ilsa is worthy of ruling the Rhine River Kingdom, including Ilsa.

Sure, she wields plenty of mermaid magic and has a winning personality, but responsibility? Not her thing.

So instead of embracing her role as river royalty, Ilsa opts to extend her holiday in the New World. Frolicking with mortals is her M.O.—until she answers a distress call from an endangered species in the waters near Chattanooga. After her close encounter with a motorboat threatens to expose the world of elemental guardians, Ilsa partners with biologist and unlikely ally, Paul Pulaski, to cover her tail.

Worlds collide and sparks ignite between Princess Ilsa and her diamond-in-the-rough mortal, Paul. But can they survive monster hunters, a rival scientist with a grudge, and a dark force that could destroy mortal and elemental alike?

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google, Kobo

Praise for Crosscurrents

Ilsa, the stunning, free-loving sister of Lorelei is on the run—cavorting with human males in her typical love ’em and leave ’em fashion. But in a wonderful twist of mermaid lore, she’s rescued from drowning by a human male, Paul Pulaski. And her life is never the same as she finally stops running from her royal responsibilities and falls for a mere mortal lab tech at the Chattanooga Aquarium, and who is eons beneath her in the pantheon caste system.

But Paul has a few surprises of his own. His love and acceptance of Ilsa helps her learn to stop running from her fate.

The world-building of the series is expanded and the reader is introduced to other types of elementals. I look forward to more and more books in this inventive series!

—Debbie Herbert, Award-winning author of the Dark Seas series (Siren’s Secret, Siren’s Treasure, and Siren’s Call)”

A spoiled Princess consumed of wanderlust and a quirky, geeky, SEXY scientist of a man clash not only attitude and words in this book, when they get to the clashing tongues, so-to-speak, it’ll leave you with all sorts of breathy-sighs… Seriously, take my word for it. If you’re looking for a smart, funny read, that has a warm sensual side with adorable characters, check this book out, after you read the first in the series, of course!

—Krystle Watts, The Booknatics Reviews

Book 1 in the series

Lorelei’s Lyric (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 1) – Fantasy Romance

SEG1_CompFinalRGB_125dpi_ThumbIf Lorelei sings, someone will die.

Her beautiful voice once cost a life. Still, music is her passion. What’s a mermaid to do? Run off and live vicariously through mortal musicians!

Unfortunately, gorgeous rocker Vance Idol almost succumbs to her siren call after his show in Nashville. Not that Vance cares—not since his girlfriend’s fatal overdose left him with a supersized death wish. Lorelei makes it her mission to undo the damage and help this talented and charismatic man on the eve of his band’s big break.

But saving a mortal man is a dangerous proposition. Lorelei could far too easily lose her heart, and quite possibly her immortality, during her American holiday. Bad boy Vance might be worth the risk.
Can their love survive his attitude, her fins, and an evil Pixie with a grudge against them both?

Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Google, Kobo

**Winner of InD’Tale Magazine’s 2016 RONE Awards for Best Paranormal Novel**


Praise for Lorelei’s Lyric

Lorelei’s Lyric is brilliantly clever with its unique blend of Southern humor and poignant mermaid mythology. Modern-day Siren, Lorelei, traveling to The Music City of Nashville? One helluva great premise that hooked me at page one! I fell in love with this shape shifting Siren and her romance with aspiring rocker Vance Idol. One of those rare books that will have you laughing and sighing and crying, touching your heart just as great music touches your soul. A must read!

—Debbie Herbert, USA Today bestselling author of the Dark Seas series (Siren’s Secret, Siren’s Treasure, and Siren’s Call)

Lorelei’s Lyric made me swoon! A perfect blend of mermaid magic and rock-star grit, Sieders’ charming, irresistibly sexy tale gives us a love story to believe in. I can’t wait to read more!

—Jeri Smith-Ready, Award-winning author of Requiem for the Devil, the WVMP Radio series, and the Shade Trilogy

Five Star Review from InD’Tale Magazine

The siren/mermaid mythology is given new life and other fascinating mythological creatures inhabit this world, but it’s the fragile relationship growing between Vance and Lorelei that takes center stage. This slow-building emotion-filled tale will make one’s heart sing!

-Carol Conley

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