The Soul Broker series follows the adventures of Vivian Bedford as she discovers the existence of grim reapers and soul brokers and guardian spirits…and just where she fits into this world.

Waking v3 DIGITAL Cover

Waking the Dead (Book 1)

The road to hell begins when the reaper darkens her door.

A chance encounter with a dying stranger opens an empathic connection between down-on-her-luck caregiver Vivian Bedford and the world of spirits. Her ability to channel conscious energy from the living could be a game changer…but she needs a bargaining chip, Can she move from pawn to major player in order to save Mae, and herself, from a horrific fate beyond the simple and fleeting terrors of death?

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Raising the Dead DIGITAL

Raising the Dead (Book 2)

Afterlife management is a tricky business, especially for a living soul broker.

Juggling normal life with her otherworldly responsibilities just got a whole lot more complicated for Vivian Bedford. She’s not supposed to take side jobs to help souls in peril, and she’s working with a grim reaper. With a spirit world energy crisis looming and guardian spirits closing in, Vivian must choose—toe the line with the guardians, plunge into darkness with the reaper, or join a rebellion that could unleash hell on earth.

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the quick and the dead

The Quick and the Dead (Book 3)

Afterlife management is tightening the noose. Can a living soul broker break it?

Vivian will have to use her skills and her wits to keep the danger at bay while restoring Lazarus to his former state and liberating a group of imprisoned, tortured souls who may be the key to toppling the corrupt Archangel Guardian Council’s monopoly on soul crossings once and for all. But doing so just might cost Vivian everything she has—including her life, her soul, and the man who owns her heart.

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D._B._Sieders author of chasing the dead

Chasing the Dead (Short Story)

The Reaper hungers like no other.

An old enemy from the other side of afterlife management cheated him out of his last soul. Now the Reaper seeks an ordinary meal of desperation, anguish, and despair from the next human on his docket. Can Vivian survives the Reaper’s gauntlet?

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