I write fantasy and paranormal romances featuring unconventional heroes, heroines, and characters–and sometimes unconventional settings! For more information about my books:

Jinx McGee Demon Hunter Series: Supernatural with Girl Power, Jinx McGee and her ragtag band of demon hunters are keeping the world safe from demonic invasion, until a powerful demon running amok in Nashville threatens to unleash hell on earth.

Dragons of Tarakona: Where the dragons are magic but only the wizards can use it (alternate books written with writing partner Jody Wallace)

Southern Elemental Guardians: “A brilliantly clever series with a unique blend of Southern humor and mythology” from award-winning author D.B. Sieders. Southern Elemental Guardians has everything you love in a paranormal romance series: incredible world-building, a fresh and modern take on myth and legend, characters that leap off the page with humor and heart, and red hot, steamy romance!

Soul Broker Series: An Urban Fantasy Series following Vivian Bedford, a woman caught between life and death as she navigates the tricky business of Afterlife Management.

Shorts and Anthologies: Making Waves, Series Prequel for Southern Elemental Guardians; Feisty Heroines Anthology of Shorts, including Matchmaker’s Mission, a Southern Elemental Guardians Short; Chasing the Dead, a Soul Broker Series Prequel Short.