I write fantasy and paranormal romances featuring unconventional heroes, heroines, and characters–and sometimes unconventional settings! For more information about my books:

Dragons of Tarakona: Where the dragons are magic but only the wizards can use it (alternate books written with writing partner Jody Wallace)

Silver bound by jody wallace   silver unleashed by db sieders   red at night)   red in the morning 500x750   Gold Rush Cover   gold fever 500x750

Blue Streak 500x750

Southern Elemental Guardians: Stormy, fiery romances with elemental flair.

MakingWaves_cover   loreleis lyric   crosscurrents cover   Three Wishes_ A Southern Elemental Guardians Novella - D.B. Sieders   Firestorm_cover   RiverSpell_cover   forest charmed cover

Soul Broker series: The mysteries of ghosts and the afterworld with a Southern twang.

Waking DIGITAL cover   Raising the Dead DIGITAL   chasing the dead cover

Tiny Treats and fun, free stories: Short pieces to read when you’re in a hurry.

tiny treats cover   tiny treats 2 cover