Making Waves (Novella 0.5)

Grumpy sea god spars with jilted ex on stormy seas.

MakingWaves_SEG 0.5_FinalECvr_RBG150dpi

He never forgave her. She never forgot him.

Celtic sea god MacLir takes solace in Atlantic waves and mortal women while disguised as captain of a luxury cruise ship. It’s almost enough to help him forget the beautiful sea goddess who broke his heart.

Until babysitting duties get in the way.

Captain MacLir must ferry a pair of troublesome Rhinemaidens to America. All he has to do is deliver them safely to their chaperone in the New World. Easy, right?

But when his ex-lover Calypso sets off a massive storm fueled by old wounds and passionate desires, only love can calm the waves and stop all from perishing in a fearsome maelstrom.

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Three Wishes (Novella 2.5)

Three Wishes_ A Southern Elemental Guardians Novella - D.B. Sieders

Guys’ Las Vegas road trip derailed by Genie’s tricky wishes.

A Sylph, a Merman, and an immortal Rock Star go to Vegas…

No joke, just a road trip for the guys before Paul Pulaski and Vance Idol say goodbye to bachelorhood. Bruce plans to show his buddies a great time in Sin City.

It’s all fun and games until Bruce gets them an audience with a Genie. Three wishes sound great, but they come with a catch—the Genie delves into the darkest corners of bachelors’ hearts to find out if they’re worthy of her gifts.

Their wishes could come true, but only if they conquer their past demons will they earn their happily-ever-afters.



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