Blog Resurrected – Greetings (Again) From the Music City Writer

Backups fail.

Even triple backed up home servers are not immune to mysterious forces capable of destroying delicate computer equipment while one is on vacation.

Yet, in spite of losing past posts – not to mention a ton of family photos and other items from our home server (pauses to cry again) – out of the ashes, my new blog shall arise.

In the coming weeks I plan to recreate as many past posts as I can (remember) and build a better blog. But for now, let me start with my (re)introduction.

I am a Nashville-based scientist-turned-author of contemporary and paranormal romance, as well as urban fantasy. I honed my skills through contests a plenty, including Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award Competition in 2011 and 2012, and found a whole slew of author cyberpals who’ve shared this wacky and wonderful journey with me. While writing, editing, contesting, and looking for an agent/editor, I made my first sale to Lyrical Press with Red Shoes for Lab Blues, my debut contemporary romance novella scheduled for publication in July 2013. Along the way, I joined RWA and the Middle Tennessee Affiliate, Music City Romance Writers.

I HIGHLY recommend joining a professional organization relevant to one’s primary genre.

I was fortunate beyond measure to meet my agent, Natalia Aponte of Aponte Literary, through the 2012 Killer Nashville Writer’s Conference (more on that later in posts resurrected).

I HIGHLY recommend attending conferences.

In addition to writing, I’m still a working scientist, mom, caffeine addict, and entertaining neurotic. I hope this blog will entertain, educate as I share my journey from aspiring to published author, and above all else, live long enough to serve it’s purpose!

It’s great to be back!

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