Spreading sunshine

IMGA2734What? I’m somebody’s sunshine?

Thanks to M.Q. Barber, fellow Lyrical Press author, for the nomination, and to Sophia Jones for tagging me, too. I ‘met’ both of these amazing authors through fanfic, and they’ve both spread their writing wings with original material that will thrill and delight readers everywhere – can’t wait for that debut, M.Q.! And, she just signed a contract for the second in her series:)

The goal is for bloggers to bestow a sunny flower to other bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” These ladies definitely count, as do those mentioned within their blog posts.

So… here goes. Answers to questions that will hopefully spread some sunshine:

Favorite Color: Any shade of red will do, as you might have guessed from the title of my debut. You’ll find plenty of burgundy in my closet.

Favorite Animal: Well, I’ve always been a cat person. Love my two fluff buckets, even though they spend most of the day doubling as couch cushions. Still, let’s make this interesting… I’m also a sucker for iguanas. Aside from visiting the locals at the Nashville zoo, I took about a zillion pictures of the glorious green reptiles on our various trips to Aruba. You think that’s weird, my daughter wants a pet armadillo! Guess she gets her weirdness from Mama.

Favorite Number: Positive numbers in my bank account 🙂

Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink: Pink lemonade

Facebook or Twitter: I spend far too much time on both, but probably more on Facebook.

Your Passion: Reading, writing, and gathering all the life experience I can so I can share it in my stories. Thanks, Sophia, for helping me add skydiving to that list, and to hubby for our scuba diving adventure.

Giving or getting presents: Oh I looooooooove chasing down the perfect gift for friends and family! Giving is the best 🙂

Favorite Day: Those rare and glorious weekend days when I can sleep in and/or nap.

Favorite Flowers: Lilies


Now for the fun part – check out these folks for a heaping helping of web-based sunshine:

M.Q. Barber

Sophia Jones

Jessi Gage

4 thoughts on “Spreading sunshine

  1. You’re amazingly sunny and inspiring. I’m putting my foot down on that — you can’t deny it.

    I think your favorite number will be a pretty popular one! And you know … having a pet armadillo in the house sounds like an adventurous life experience. How can you say no to that? 😉


    1. Well, I guess I can be sunny when given enough caffeine…glad to know I can be inspiring, too!

      I let mini-me have a stuffed armadillo, and she got to pet one at the zoo not too long ago 🙂


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