News (not THAT News but awesome news nonetheless)!

Okay, I’m still gearing up for the announcement I alluded to in my previous post.

FinalistgifBut in the meantime, I received GREAT NEWS from my RWA sister chapter, Georgia Romance Writers of America.

Waking the Dead finaled in the 2015 Unpublished Maggie Award Contest, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements Category!

I’m super excited to receive critiques from first round judge (the most valuable part of the contest) and am excited to see how the finalist editor judge receives it.

Thanks to 2015 Maggies Chair Bryonna Nobles, Category Coordinator Jessica Hunt, and all of the first round judges for their hard work!

Here’s the formal announcement on YouTube.

This is the book of my heart, so I’m very attached to it. I’ve tweaked the opening chapters and taken them for a test drive on the contest circuit – won second place in the North Texas Romance Writers of America Great Expectations Contest, Novel with Strong Romantic Elements Category. HUGE thanks to Overall coordinator Fenley Grant, Category coordinator Jen FitzGerald, first round judges, and finalist editor judge Laura Fazio!

I’m glad the latest version has been well-received by readers and will DEFINITELY make sure it’s published sometime soon. Still trying for traditional, but it’s nice to have so many options as a writer!


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