Book Review – Crosscurrents

So very pleased and grateful to Romantic Reads and Such for the awesome review and book feature!

Romantic Reads and Such

We’ve seen Sieders before with Lorelei’s Lyricand I’m so excited to get a chance to see book 2!


The Adventure Continues in Southern Elemental Guardians Series Book 2

After her sister Lorelei finds a happily ever after, mermaid princess Ilsa is next in line to rule the Rhine kingdom. But she’s having way too much fun playing with mortals in the New World to let a crown cramp her style. Responsibility isn’t her thing, so she’ll need to find the will and courage to embrace her duties as an elemental guardian before she can transform into a worthy ruler. Enter Paul Pulaski, mortal scientist, adventurer, and hot geek. Paul’s all about responsibility, but he’s got a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove in his pursuit of professional prestige—he doesn’t have time for fun. Until he meets Ilsa. Worlds collide and sparks fly when these two unlikely…

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