Book Review – Firestorm

Awesome review and blog feature for Firestorm. Thanks, Romantic Reads and Such!

Romantic Reads and Such

I am so happy to be able to once again bring you this series.  If you like paranormal romances then this is a must read.  Make sure you hit the bottom of this post for your way to get a chance to get free reads!


In Firestorm (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 3), Wind and Fire Collide in a Storm of Mythic Proportions

Mermaids and water elemental guardians have held center stage until now, and while they make an appearance in Book 3, Firestorm is all about air and fire. Air elemental guardian Bruce made a great wingman in the first two books—he’s one of those surprise characters who started out as a subplot in Book 1 and managed to run away with every scene in which he appeared. As the hero of Firestorm, readers will finally understand what motivates his quest to bring positivity and light to…

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