Lorelei’s Lyric Audiobook!

dreamstime_xl_39795307I’m THRILLED to announced that Lorelei’s Lyric, Award-winning Book 1 in the Southern Elemental Guardians Series, is available as an Audiobook!

My fabulous narrator, Stefanie Kay, has done an outstanding job bringing the colorful cast of characters to life.

From sensual Jersey boy rocker Vance Idol to sultry Rhinemaiden Lorelei to Southern River guardian Catfish Jack, the richness of the story is beautifully drawn by Stefanie’s voice.


I couldn’t be more pleased! Check out this sample, a scene where Vance and Lorelei officially meet. Sparks fly when banter turns to passion:


shutterstock_572287714And I’m also OVER THE MOON to announce that Stefanie will be narrating the entire¬†series, including up-coming novels in the series!


Looking for a great romance to keep you company during the daily commute, during your workout, or while chilling? Give Lorelei’s Lyric a try!


Available from AUDIBLE.

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