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Pearls and Dragons!

While I did announce this on my website in general, it occurred to me I had not yet shared the news of my latest publication from 2020. In the Dragons of Tarakona series, my cowriter and I decided to try something new — some “Pearl” books instead of just books about specific colors. And instead of the “Pearl” being the type of dragon, we stretched our imaginations so that the “Pearl” is something else in the story.

In Enchanted Pearl you can meet merfolk heroine Alara and her dry land quest to discover the ancient pearl that allows the bearer to create a tiny pocket ocean wherever she might need it. Super useful for a mermaid, right? But also looking for the pearl is a dashing wizard explorer from Tarakona, Devon Kaleo, who would like to add the magical pearl to the defense systems of his precious island homeland.

And how to DRAGONS come into play? Check out Enchanted Pearl and find out!

DB Sieders writes unconventional, adventurous romances about mermaids, wizards, dragons and elementals as well as moonlights as a serious scientist at her Dr. Dana Brantley-Sieders blog, Talking Tatas, where she shares accessible science for breast health and breast cancer.