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Writing Mascot and News!

Jody and I are working on some new Dragons of Tarakona books! First up is Pearl of Wisdom, featuring a human from Tarakona with a magical ailment and a surly earth wizard who can help – for a price.

Gorgeous Cover by Flirtation Designs

Blackmailed by the only man who can heal her—what’s a Pearl to do?

Pearl Courtier is a nobody. A human from Tarakona who just happens to have a famous wizard brother. When a lab accident transforms her into a walking lie detector, Pearl travels across worlds to seek help from a wizard on another planet.

But stiff-necked enchanter Everett DeBoer only agrees to remove her curse if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend, accompany him to a business conference, and tell him which of his colleagues are lying. What will Pearl do when she discovers his own lies—and how deadly they might be for both of them?

Pearl of Wisdom will be out in early June! We have two more Tarakona books in the pipeline: The Dragon with the Pearl Earring and Pearl Diver. Look for those this fall.

See dis? Dis my box!

Now for some really fun news! Meet the latest edition to the Sieders Clan Clowder! Sheila came to us in February and entertains us with her shenanigans. She’s a purr monster and attention seeker who meows nonstop and is super sleek and pretty. I love my new writing mascot!

She and Kuro split that duty while Vanilla sits on the sofa and supervises.

The cats (and Jody) are cracking the whip, so look for more updates soon!

Sleepy Sheila
Kuro sitting like the peoples do